Photo Book       Our Beautiful World – Four Seasons

Our Beautiful World – Four Seasons


Greeting Cards

Professional quality press printed 5″ x 7″ greeting card with a lovely image on the front, and faded images on the inside of the card to give the writing surface more character.  Back of card provides a description and an interpretive phrase.    Most of my nature photos are available as greeting cards.
Below are two examples with the Monarch Butterfly and Columbine Flower images.  You can also order an assortment of cards.

Pack of 6, with each card (and envelope) individually packaged.              Pack of 12, with each card (and envelope) individually packages.
$24 including shipping in USA.                                                                                      $36 including shipping in USA

Contact Jim to order.

Custom Made Greeting Cards – Pack of 25

Customize one of my 5” x 7”greeting card with your own photo and message on the inside top and bottom sections of the card. Just contact me and send your photo and message for incorporation into the card.   Below is an example using the “Lost Creek in Winter” image from the Winter Gallery.

Pack of 25 cards with envelopes, pre-creased
$65 including shipping in USA

Contact Jim to order.


 Canvas Wraps

High-resolution images printed as a 1.5 ” deep canvas wrap with semi-gloss finish and wire hanger with bumpers, ready to hang.   You can order a canvas wrap for any image on my website – just contact me to find out what sizes are available for the image you are interested in.    Below are examples of images that look great as canvas wraps.

Here are three common sizes and their prices (shipping included).

  8″ x 12″ canvas wrap – $80
12′ x 18″ canvas wrap – $120
16″ x 24″ canvas wrap – $150

Contact Jim to order.


Collages are a fun way to make large prints using a number of images.

If you want to order your own unique veggie collage, you can create a custom veggie collage by choosing among 80 different farmer’s market images to create your own arrangement.

You can also order any custom-sized collage with any of the images on my website.

Below are sample collages, each produced as 1.5″ deep canvas wraps, with semi-gloss finish and wire hanger with bumpers, ready to hang.  Shipping included.

Farmer’s Market Veggie Collage, 20″ x 30″  – $200

Butterfly-Dragonfly Collage, 12″ x 48″ – $300

Just contact me and I’ll help you create your own collage.